System Tray disappeared in KDE4?

Icons like kmix, amarok, programs that have system tray icons are gone, yet programs run, just cant see the icons.

After searching google for an hour and finding nothing more than: delete something restart kde and redo ALL of your settings including wallpaper.

Well, that is something I didn't want to do. So I put it off for 2 days; I need my icons back, so I searched again to find the file/folder that they mentioned.


One(1) file. How bad could it be? I thought, well, lets look at it, turns out its not that bad after all just couple hundred lines. So, my thinking is: backup the one that's broken and see what the difference is after the new one is created.

I moved my (broken) "plasma-desktop-appletsrc" and <ctrl> <alt> <back> Well, they were right, it works, kmix was back, however you would have to redo everything. So I take the "new-unbroken" file and take it to the Kompare program under the development section of the Launcher Menu, not that bad at all, I was pretty surprised, it wasn't that different, I could see where the obvious differences were, like the wallpaper files and specific icons that were on the panel, including the setting for the digital clock. So I get to work, applying differences, moving the file, back and forth retrying the settings.

I found it.

Actually it took about 3 min and about 10 edits later.

Your looking for something similar to this:



See how the numbers match? They go together.


I changed




It worked, it turned my virtualbox icon into an actual systemtray, kmix was there waiting for me. However, I didn't see it right away, I was looking towards the clock where it always is. It was in the location of the virtualbox icon. Needless to say virtualbox was gone.

So now I have to replace one shortcut, not bad. Its repaired and I'm happy.

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