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Hi! My name is Bobby and I have a channel on YouTube located at

This is the accompanying website that has extras and goodies like behind the scene footage

and is the location of many of my projects that you may have seen on YouTube!

Browse around and see what kind of fun and exciting projects are available to download and build yourself!

Thanks for all your support this past year! WOW! what a great community!


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While I love to make videos, I also love to buy parts for upcoming projects.
You can make things easier for me by donating any amount your comfortable with!

Electronics Repairs, TV Repair, Radio Repair, Test Equipment, Do it Yourself Projects, Circuit Board Layout and Design, KiCad Development, Overviews, Reverse Engineering, Design Practices, Handmade Printed Circuit Boards, Software and Hardware Programming using Atmel-Microchip AVR, Zilog, Microchip PIC microprocessors